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      Privacy Policy

      Effective date: 10/15/2021

      The Privacy Policy on PaydayLoanRadar.com (hereafter referred to as Website, we, us, our, ours) is the official document that explains how we use, share, store, and collect personal and non-personal information of a user (hereafter referred to as You, Your, Yours, users). This Privacy Policy outlines the measures taken to protect and secure information provided by You via the Website.

      Our services can only be used by legal United States residents who are 18 years of age or older. The Website’s operation abides by state, federal, and domestic law in the United States.

      When You enter and submit Your information through the form on PaydayLoanRadar.com, You are registering for our service and consenting to your acceptance that Your information and the use of it is regulated by this document and any other governing documents for the Website. Read these documents thoroughly before You submit Your personal information. By using this Website and attempting to use services presented on this Website, You agree that You have read and understood the documentation that controls how Your information may be used, including information that personally identifies You (PII). If You have shared information and would like to remove or modify this information from any records associated with the Website, please contact us.

      If You misunderstand or do not agree with any part of the Privacy Policy or other governing documents of PaydayLoanRadar.com, do not use PaydayLoanRadar.com or submit your information via the Website or any other method. For questions concerning PaydayLoanRadar.com, its use or services offered, please contact us. If You do not agree with the terms of this Website, close all pages immediately, including this Privacy Policy page.

      The Privacy Policy may be modified without prior notice and at the Website owner’s discretion. If any modifications are made, the new version of the Privacy Policy will be posted on PaydayLoanRadar.com with the effective date updated. All information should be used in accordance with the document version that was active at the time of collection of this information.

      I. Types of Identifiable Information

      Before You use any services offered by this Website, you must provide personally identifiable information (PII). PII includes information such as first name, last name, home address, email address, home or cell phone numbers, birthdate, employment history, SSN, banking information, and other identifying information. PII is required in order to provide the services requested via PaydayLoanRadar.com. If You do not wish to use our services, do not submit Your PII.

      Your banking information and SSN are solely used to provide the search and match service and may not be shared with third parties except where required by law.

      We also collect information that does not personally identify you (NPII) from all Website users. NPII includes information such as a user’s IP address and browser data, general location, computer operating system, and other measurements used in data analytics. This type of information that we gather may be sent to third parties. You can conceal Your non-personally identifiable information or contact us to request that we discontinue using it.

      i. How PII is Used

      We can collect, store, use, and share PII in accordance with this document and only with Your expressed consent given by clicking the respective button or checking the box granting your consent. All PII is securely transmitted and stored using advanced methods including encryption. The PII You submit is used in order to provide a service to match You with lenders in our network that may provide loan offers that match your interests. By submitting Your information, You expressly request that you wish to enroll in the service of the Website which will match You with a loan provider or lender who may offer financial products or services. We can use information that You submit to communicate with You with more information about products of interest as well as to protect from potentially-malicious activity or fraud.

      We may share Some PII with third parties in order to provide technical support. Sensitive personal information including social security numbers or bank account information is not shared with third parties. Any third parties authorized to access PII are responsible by law for properly securing Your information and can use Your information for no other purpose other than providing authorized services and cannot share PII with additional third parties. Any activities that are performed with PII are bound by the governing documents on PaydayLoanRadar.com (including this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use) in addition to applicable international and domestic laws and legislation.

      PII may be shared upon Your authorization with credit reporting agencies for consumer reporting purposes. This process is regulated by legal documents regarding user communication with lenders and providers of financial products or services and is not involved with the formal documents on this Website or using this Website or its services.

      If disclosure of PII is lawful and considered necessary, it may be disclosed with government entities. PII may be disclosed upon request by any authorized organization or authority. PII disclosure may be necessary because it is needed to:

      If the company and its holdings are merged, acquired, consolidated, or purchased, it is possible that personally identifiable information will be carried over to another party and disclosed to that receiving party in the case of any actions stated above. If an insolvency proceeding takes place and the company is liquidated, the party who is liquidating or its authorized representatives may sell, transfer, license, or dispose of PII according to the court’s decision. Therefore, whomever owns the PII may be notified about these modifications and procedures or notified that the information is published on PaydayLoanRadar.com. Merging, acquisition, and other modifications as stated may be affiliated with a company outside of the United States.

      ii. PII and Third Parties

      Your PII (excluding financial and banking account information, SSN, and other sensitive information) may be partially shared with third party advertisers, marketers, or lenders for marketing purposes. If your PII is shared, the third parties may use your information and may share the information with additional third parties who may contact You to present products of interest to You. If you would not like to receive third-party marketing messages or offers, unsubscribe by clicking an “unsubscribe” link or button within the message. Marketing activity may include communications such as emails, phone calls, banner ads on websites, and direct mail.

      Your information may be used for tracking Your online activities as well as to gather data regarding Your online behavior, including Your search behavior. This information is typically gathered for quality improvement of services and to target marketing efforts to You. The ways in which third-party advertisers or marketers may use information is dependent on the legislation and regulations that govern third-party services and websites, including privacy policy documents.

      The company cannot govern how PII may be utilized by third parties, however, please read and understand any legal documents provided by third-party advertisers or marketers. You may remove Your PII from third-party marketer databases or lists. To do so, contact them using their contact information found on their websites or in their marketing materials.

      To stop contact with the company and stop receiving communications from us, close all pages on the Website, including this Privacy Policy page. If You have shared PII and wish to remove it from our database and discontinue communications, send a request to [email protected]. Your information will be deleted from the company’s database and cannot be used or shared for the purposes of performing marketing activities. If the information You submitted has been shared, we are not responsible for the third-party lists and you must contact the third parties using their contact information to be removed from their lists.

      iii. PII and Credit Implication

      We may share information with third-party lenders for purposes of doing business and providing You with the services we offer. Lenders may use this information to confirm a person’s identity and/or perform credit verifications in order to assess your credit-worthiness and any risks of providing You with credit products. Your PII may be used to request a credit rating report from credit agency organizations. Each request may impact Your credit score rating. By submitting Your information, you consent to verification and credibility check processes according to legal documents of third-party vendors.

      iv. Telephone Marketing and Email Marketing

      By using this Website and its services, You consent that the Company and any third-party advertisers, marketers or lenders with whom we have shared your information may use personally identifiable information (PII) for marketing purposes. You agree that PII You have provided via PaydayLoanRadar.com can be utilized for communications including assistance calls, marketing calls, and service or product offers. We or third-party marketers and lenders may use the telephone number You have submitted via the Website, regardless of a listing in any Do Not Call list or registry. By submitting Your information via PaydayLoanRadar.com, you are attempting to purchase or opt in to a service, therefore Your submittal is processed and applied in accordance with the legislature of Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule (ATSR).

      ATSR states that we may contact You for telemarketing purposes regardless of any listing in the FTC Do Not Call List, however, it also limits when telemarketers can call consumers. A user’s inquiries to third-party marketers and requests for service provided by the Company are considered attempts to make a transaction. Therefore, in accordance with ATSR, third-party marketers may contact You via telephone for marketing purposes.

      By using PaydayLoanRadar.com and providing Your telephone number, You certify that You are legally permitted to possess and utilize a mobile device, that You are at least 18 years of age, and that You understand potential charges and liabilities that may be applied by participating in telemarketing efforts. Your information may also be collected by service providers in accordance with the terms and policies enacted by such organizations and these terms are not in any way related to the governing documents on the Website.

      v. Collecting Non-Personally Identifiable Data

      This Website or third-party marketer or lender websites may use tools such as browser analysis, cookies, pixel tags and web beacons to monitor, collect, store, and record online behavior and activity like language preferences, geographical location, IP address, click and browsing history, and computer operating system. These types of data are regarded as information that does not personally identify You (NPII) and are used to customize Your online experience.

      Cookies, Web Beacons, and Pixel Tags

      Cookies are small files that collect information about online behavior from a user’s computer, including browser and UX data and relay that information to us and/or authorized third parties. Cookies may enable user recognition, analyze preferences, and use collected information accordingly to adjust services provided digitally via the internet. Cookies can also identify fraudulent activities and enhance security. You can manage cookies preferences in Your browser and delete cookies if you wish. Learn about cookies and how to manage them at YourAdChoices.com and CookieCentral.com. Web beacons and pixel tags may be used to monitor user activity and record user activity during a session in order to adjust and improve promotions and marketing activities. Learn more about how these work at Webopedia.

      Log files

      Log files collect and store information and data that are used to improve the user experience. Information that may be collected includes the IP address, browser type, Internet service provider, date/time stamp, and other data.

      II. Security of PII

      The collection, storage, sharing, and use of PII must comply with privacy protection and security practices and regulations. PII, as well as all user activity on PaydayLoanRadar.com, is protected from attempts of fraud, malicious activity, and unauthorized use. We employ advanced security protocols to protect Website users and assets to prevent misuse, loss, or tampering with information. PaydayLoanRadar.com may only share PII to the extent of applicable law, this document, and other regulations of PaydayLoanRadar.com. Only authorized users of the Company can access Your PII and it cannot be used publicly. Any employee or party who is granted access to PII is liable to protect and secure this information to the fullest possible extent. Infringement will result in disciplinary action.

      No organization can guarantee absolute security of any user’s online experience and therefore PaydayLoanRadar.com will not be held responsible for any malicious activity, stolen/modified information, security breach, or illegal activity that occurs beyond our control. If You consider any listing or database to be insecure, You can opt to remove Your data from any listing or database. All third-party marketers who are given access to PII are legally liable for protecting PII to the fullest extent. We verify all third-party partners’ policies regarding information security, however, if a violation does occur, applicable regulations and laws are to be enforced to mitigate the situation.

      III. Managing Privacy

      To protect your privacy, we employ technology to upgrade the online experience, the Website, and the use of services offered. We provide options to limit the information You share and You may request to eliminate your information from our records. If You do not want NPII to be used, collected, stored, or shared, exit the Website now.

      Cookies or tracking files may have already been automatically installed. To remove these files, go to Your browser preferences and manually delete cookies from Your computer.

      The Do-Not-Track protocol has not yet been established. Therefore, privacy management and information security are aligned with the documents governing the use of this website, including the Privacy Policy, despite any Do-Not-Track signals. To opt out of sharing your online behavior with particular third parties, either unsubscribe from their emails using an Unsubscribe link within an email sent by the third party or visit NetworkAdvertising.org to adjust Your preferences.

      IV. E-consent

      The E-Sign Act (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act) was passed by US congress in order to give validity to contracts entered electronically. The Act states that those who give e-consent and electronically sign documents accept to receive disclosures, documents, and notifications via electronic format; consent to do business electronically; and allow this information to be shared in accordance with governing documents as well as applicable regulations and laws. Upon submitting Your information via PaydayLoanRadar.com, you agree to receive documents, disclosures, notifications, and communications electronically, including those from third-party lenders and marketers. After giving e-consent, all electronic communication You receive is considered to be “in writing.” We recommend printing all copies for your records. 

      The Company and third parties may discontinue electronic format communications (e-communication) at any time. If this occurs, You may be notified prior to termination of e-communication according topolicies regulating business relationships and applicable regulations and laws. Printed paper copies of electronic documents or records do not need to be shown for expense reduction or facilitation and should be destroyed as outlined by governing requirements. It is possible that electronic records will be recognized as proof to ratify agreements, rights and obligations.

      V. Information from Minors

      No one under 18 years of age may submit their information via PaydayLoanRadar.com. Website filters are in place to prevent anyone under 18 years of age from submitting their information. In compliance with the Children’s Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), we do not voluntarily collect, store, share or use any PII from any minor under 18 years of age. Any PII received from a minor will be immediately deleted.

      VI. Third-Party Website Links

      This Website contains hyperlinks to third-party websites and may contain links to third-party marketers’ websites. PaydayLoanRadar.com may use links to connect users to third-party lenders. The regulatory documents on this Website do not apply to third-party websites and the information you supply to third parties is subject to regulation by the third party and not this Website. We recommend that you review any disclosures and official documents on a third-party website before sharing any personal information with them.

      VII. Notifications Regarding State Regulations

      We stringently follow federal and state codes and regulations. Codes and regulations vary by state, including regulations regarding how PII can legally be used. Depending on your state of residence, the party that gathers PII may have to disclose complete information regarding collected information, including how, when, and to whom it may be shared. The party may need to disclose the type of information that is eligible to be shared and how it should be handled by third parties. If a user is a resident of a state in which these regulations apply, please contact us for this information. Each request is processed individually and must be requested by a user who is legally registered as a resident of the applicable state.

      VIII. Inquiries

      Website users may modify and withdraw personally identifiable information that has been collected by PaydayLoanRadar.com. To modify or withdraw Your information, send an email to [email protected] stating the modifications you wish to make. For any inquiries or complaints regarding PaydayLoanRadar.com’s services or operation, send an email to [email protected] with an explanation of your inquiry or complaint. All inquiries and complaints are reviewed on a regular basis and a representative will address your request.