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      Let Us Help With Your Money Matters.


      Before you begin to conduct business using electronic communications or submit your personal information via the online form, be sure to read and understand this disclosure.

      By submitting your personal information on the website, you consent to the terms stated on the governing documents of this website including the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and confirm that you have read and understood this e-consent disclosure notice.

      This e-consent disclosure notice explains what qualifies as electronic communications (e-communications) and how you can use e-communications to conduct business transactions, including using the service provided by the website to be matched with a lender, and further communicate with loan providers using such communications methods.

      If you are matched with a lender via the website, you must give your consent (e-consent) to use electronic signatures (e-signatures) and accept electronic documents including disclosures in order to use the products and services provided to you by the website.

      Hard Copies

      If you would like hard copies of electronic documents such as legal documents, you may request printed hard copies of disclosures and other legal notices from your lender at no cost to you. Please send your request for hard copies directly to your lender. Organizations may keep legal documents in hard copy form as applicable by law.

      Scope of Consent

      E-communications are considered to be all communication that is conducted via phone, whether landline, mobile phone, or tablet, as well as electronic communications via email or social media. E-consent is implied when communicating via e-communications. E-consent means that you confirm your understanding that these types of communications are legally valid just the same as hard-copy or written communications would be. E-consent also implies that your information may be collected and processed electronically; that transactions may be initiated and processed electronically; and that documents may be signed electronically and stored in electronic or digital format. You agree that your lender may send e-communications that include reports and disclosures. You also agree that lenders may send marketing information regarding services that include links to other third-party websites.

      In order to conduct business electronically, all parties must have an electronic device that is equipped with hardware and software that is sufficient to handle transactions and processing.

      Before giving your e-consent, be sure that your computer hardware and software fit the following requirements:

      Please note, some transactions may require additional programs. If you have trouble accessing e-communications provided by your lender, or want to confirm you have the computer programs necessary to take part in all e-communications, please contact your lender directly.

      Withdrawing Consent

      In summary, E-consent cannot be withdrawn. This is because as soon as you submit your information, you consent to a service that processes your information. Once this information is processed, the transaction is complete via this website and cannot be revoked. If you desire to withdraw your E-consent from a third party, this is allowed. If you are matched with a third-party lender and decide to withdraw your E-consent with that party, send a request to that lender and they will comply with your request at no cost and without time restraints. Please note that if you withdraw E-consent with a third party, this may prevent them from providing any loan or credit offer to you. Contact your lender directly for any questions or additional information about their E-consent procedures. If you do withdraw your E-consent with any third party, it does not apply to previous electronic communications or disclosures. Withdrawing E-consent only applies from the time of processing the withdrawal and moving forward. Also, contact your lender promptly if you modify any personal information on file.